I'm going to let everyone in on a little secret. Helmet Raffle #1!

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

If you aren’t signed up on our mailing list on our website, then you have no idea about this.

For those that are, you are the only ones aware of the Phenix TL2 raffle we just wrapped up.

10 tickets, $100 each, 10% chance to win

Good luck to those that entered and here we go.

Watch the video to see the winner.

1. William Alexander

2. Ricky Swindle

3. Mile Bernard

4. Tony Mitchell

5. Zachary Sundblom

6. Zachary Sundblom

7. Tracay DePew

8. John Pinto

9. Blake Rockey

10. Matt Monahan

For everyone else, don’t worry. We will be starting another raffle shortly. Tag a friend, give this a share, and check out our website and Instagram for more of our upcoming stuff.

Thanks to everyone for the support.

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