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Shut Up And Train, LLC is proud to help our followers out and spread the opportunity to obtain firemen-made tools to our brothers and sisters. We did not come up with the idea of this tool........but we did come up with the idea of making them and selling them on our website.


These TTL Pliers are modified from their original, store-bought, specifications to have 3 important tools in 1.


These 3-in-1 tools have 3 of the most versatile and handy tools to force entry thru the lock in many Key-In-Knob, Mortise, and Adams Right locks.


  3. KERRY KEY (90 degree pointed end)


PRICE: $40

As always, FREE SHIPPING with Tracking to the USA.


PLEASE NOTE: This is a waiting list. We will not bill you until the product is in our hand. These take time to make, so we will not SUPPLY these unless there is a DEMAND for them. Once you get a fulfillment email from us, we will send a link to pay and then we will ship them soon after. IT IS UP TO THE CUSTOMER TO ENSURE EMAIL AND PHONE NUMBER ARE CORRECT.


WAITING LIST: "Craftbaltsky" Thru-The-Lock Pliers

Excluding Sales Tax
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