SUAT was formed by two firefighters that started their career together in the fire service in a small town, volly dept. in Jersey, back in 2002.   Since then, they have each grown as firefighters, and have had many new aspirations.   Although their careers went two separate directions, one became Captain of his very aggressive/street smart company of well-educated, salty dogs, and one became a career firefighter in South Florida.  Either way, they both have grown from the bottom of the ranks, up to become senior guys, company officers, and training instructors.  SUAT has grown from a firehouse saying, to a well-known slogan in many firehouses across the country.  No matter where you are a firefighter, the same problem exists...there are firefighters that would rather hang out, sit back, put their feet up, and enjoy the perks of the job.  Well, their mother doesn't work here!  Shut Up And Train was created to get these guys out of the recliners, and onto the training grounds!  No matter where you are training, it is still betting yourselves, your company, your department, and most of all YOUR COMMUNITY!  No one is here to hold your hand, and watch you pick daisies!  Training can be gruesome and laborious, or it could be fun and invigorating, all while helping you learn a thing or two.  Making yourselves better starts with one person! YOU!  Now get out there, and make it happen.  Get off your ass, and get to work!  YOU are responsible for yourself, AND your crew! DONT LET THEM DOWN!



Robert Woodhead Jr.

Ron Givens

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