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Brotherhood Hidden in Tragedy

So, I recently attended one of the most hurtful events in a firefighter's career.  The loss of another co worker.  Although it hurt to be there, I needed to be there.  We all needed to be there, showing support to our comrade, their family, and our fire service.

It was one of the most inspirational days I have ever had the privilege of living.  We had one of the best services I have ever been to.  Firemen from all over the state came to pay their respects and take part in the processional that basically shut our city down. The amount of overwhelming support was astonishing.The brotherhood was there, and it was very invigorating. This was true caring and compassion.  All gripes aside, everyone checked their ego and personal opinions at the door.  The guys were all talking it up, making sure each other was handling this OK, shared a pint at the local watering hole, and shared stories from years past.  Old retirees came by to shed a few laughs.

One question I did have to ask myself was, “Why isn’t the brotherhood always like this?”

So I ask you…Why is it hidden in tragedy?

It sucks to see it happen this way, as it should be shared daily, rather than only when there are conventions or when we are at funerals? I wish this type of caring and compassion was an everyday occurrence.  We need to treat each other right, and we need to be involved in each other’s lives, whether in hardship or not. We claim to always “be there”, but are we always putting our money where our mouth is?

I ask each and every one of you to just keep this thought in the back of your head.  Are we taking care of others the way we would like to be taken care of? Are we spreading our knowledge and education onto the younger generation? This profession is a constant job interview.  Show integrity in yourself, your department, and the career and make the fire service better than how you found it. Go out there, and get involved in what this career is all about. BROTHERHOOD.

– The “Irons”

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