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Review - Iron Fox Axes LLC

Iron Fox Axes LLC

SUAT Was given the honor of testing the newest axe from Iron Fox Axes. Iron Fox Axes’ goal is to design a modern fire axe that could be used against any material. Their reputation proves that their axes are tough, extremely versatile and easy to use in the hands of today's Firefighters. The Flat Headed Axe is 9.75 inches and at 7.5 pounds, both the flat head and pick head weigh and balance identically, despite their physical difference. This gives you the feel in your hands that you expect from a properly weighted tool.  Each axe is made in the USA from Tempered High Grade Tool Steel. 

We had high expectations for this new Flat Headed Axe, due to the multitude of YouTube videos displaying its versatility and durability, and it lived up to all of them. From the second this axe was taken out of the box we already knew it would be an unstoppable force not to be messed with. We could tell from its design that the guys at Iron Fox Axes put a lot of time into making this tool something every firefighter could use and would want to have on the fire ground. The axe is forged from an indestructible material that is also lightweight. The design of the axe allows it to maintain a balance about it so you are not worried about it being top heavy. This axe was built for the modern firefighter and will make a large impact in the Firefighting Community.

After speaking with the owner, Darin Fox, we were given the task of trying to break the Flat Headed Axe. We put this axe through every situation we could think of that it would encounter, and even some scenarios it probably wouldn’t encounter and yet it would not break. I am confidant enough to say this is the Ultimate “Breach” Tool. 

They made sure to Increase the Mass of the striking area of the axe and making sure that the Weight and balance point was just like the Traditional fire axe and in doing so the made the Striking End a little wider with a small radius that made this tool much easier for Striking Impact. We did find out when striking with the Flat End that you did not feel it as much in the handle of the axe as we did in our Traditional Flat Headed Axe.  

Iron Fox Axes come in multiple types of handles: a Traditional Tennessee Hickory to a High-Performance Fiberglass in either black or brown. We used the High Performance Fiberglass in Brown and we loved it.  

When we compared the two axes you can see the Major Deference in the blade of the axe. Iron Fox made sure that they added a raised Pitched Forward Cutting edge to aid in different situations. We found it to be very helpful when making an opening; this helped in gaining well-needed Purchase Points. We made it our goal to beat the crap out of this end of the axe to see what it could handle. We put it to work on wood, cinder block, brick, metal roof decking, pleather, lath, dry wall and much more. The Cutting Edge of this axe was put through just as much rigorous work as well and the aftermath was jaw dropping. We did notice that when you were driving the cutting edge into something it would work its way down the object creating a much wider. This was great because you didn’t have to do as much work to get the same result as you would with a Traditional Axe.

Now don’t get us wrong, where there are Pros there are Cons, however we could not find one con with the Iron Fox Axe. This axe can also be married with a Halligan making it a killer force set up..


We would recommend this axe to any Firefighter and any Fire Department that’s looking to add to their Trucks and Tool arsenal. Head over to Iron Fox LLC and get yours now!

Flat Headed Spec

Handle Length - 28in, 32in, 36in

Length 9.75 inches, width 1 inch, weight 7.5 pounds, Steel 53-56 HRC

Pickhead Spec

Handle Length - 28in, 32in, 36in

Length 12.25 inches, width 1 inch, weight 7.5 pounds, Steel 53-56 HRC

Contact Info-

Iron Fox LLC

Phone: 602-253-6921


Check them out on Facebook also!

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